Risk Science Center director to participate in WEF New Champions meeting

Ishani Hewage, September 10, 2013

Dr. Andrew Maynard, director of the University of Michigan Risk Science Center will be among the 1,500 influential business, government, media, and academic leaders from over 90 countries attending the Annual Meeting of the New Champions hosted by the World Economic Forum. Held from 11-13 Septemb...

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New internship opportunity for U-M Environmental Health students

Ishani Hewage, September 9, 2013

The Elarabio Risk Science Center Internship, a new partnership with the University of Michigan, Department of Environmental Health Sciences and Elara Bioscience, will help enhance the educational experience of graduate students. Elara Biosciences is the provider of Elarabio Portal, a comprehensiv...

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RISK BITES: Creating Advance Materials that are Safe by Design

Andrew Maynard, August 7, 2013

If you’ve been watching Risk Bites for the past six weeks, you’ll have a pretty good idea what advanced materials are, and what might make them potentially risky. The final video of the Advance Materials Series explores the one questions that hasn’t been addressed so far – are we smart enoug...

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RISK BITES: Do novel materials present novel risks?

Andrew Maynard, July 29, 2013

Do novel materials present novel risks?  Novelty is a big part of advanced materials as it leads to materials with potentially new or enhanced properties.  But does the resulting novel functionality automatically mean that the materials also present new and unusual risks?  This week's Risk Bites ...

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Experiments in Playful Learning

Ishani Hewage, July 25, 2013

The Internet is the key to an education treasure trove. The ability to connect with learners anytime, anywhere and on anything is a powerful way for education institutions, or anyone who is considered an expert to share knowledge and engage with the public. However, the real power is in the hands of...

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