Color me Beautiful, or Color me Boring? Let us know what you think!

by Andrew Maynard on May 31, 2013

We’ve been experimenting with color on the Risk Bites videos over the past few weeks – sprinkling in a few non-black whiteboard markers to liven up the illustrations.  And now it’s crunch time – we want your opinion: Does adding a bit of color make the videos more effective, or should we revert back to the world of monochrome?

Color me Beautiful frame 750px

Below are two of the more recent videos on the channel.  Please take a couple of minutes to preview them, and fill in the poll below – which will only take a couple of seconds.  Alternatively, please do leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Is a bit of color a good thing for Risk Bites?

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And if you’re wondering what we’re trying to achieve here (because it might be important in guiding your response), the Risk Bites videos are aimed at providing short, engaging and informative insights into the science of risk – how and why we think and feel about risks in the way we do, and how to make sense of risk when trying to make informed decisions.  Because we want these to be as engaging and useful as possible, it’s pretty important to us that we get them right – color or no color.

Thanks for your help!

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